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About 9Lotto Company

9lotto online lottery platform was officially launched on September 2022, with the brand name as 9lotto, 9 lotto or ninelotto , brand color code theme of white, black, orange, and yellow as the official color, provide a comfortable overlook as the graphic point of view. Nine Lotto ( 9lotto ) Pte Ltd started introduced 4 lotto games to the market as start,  which is nine 4d, nine 3D, nine 2D and nine 6D lottery games.

Nine lotto ( 9lotto , 9 lotto , lotto 9  ) company spends many resources and time to develop a better lotto platform with the latest technology development, enhanced security & maintenance, more professional customer service, also better preferential activities that the company is committed to providing our lottery customers with better games options, more fun, fairest and most transparent services. is an authorized regional lotto agent with the official 9lotto company, partnered with our strategy lottery partner to provide and serve better services to the region. 


With the expansion of the company, we always welcome local or international market players to apply with our lotto agent program, and we are aiming to help our lotto agent with 9lotto attractive lotto's agent incentive commission, profits, and revenue sharing.

9lotto company promotes the caring concept of " giving back to society", our company made substantial contributions to fulfill its corporate social responsibility toward society.  9lotto company committed to make contributions to the publish and charity, community sports, education, and cultural promotion.


9 lotto wanted to always continue help the community groups and will continue to participate in multiple sports activities every year in support , and helping cultivating the country's sports programs through major donation contributions.

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