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It is not a dream to present a million dollar for you. The prize bonus starts from USD 249,999.75, and each day USD 2,250 to be topup.

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1. In the same one receipt of 6+1D, and one of the 1st prize, second prize or third prizes can win the pool prize.

2. The winning one of the 1st prize, second prize or third prizes, you also need to bet on the minimum 9lotto Big USD 0.50 or Small USD 0.50 or more.


(A single receipt total betting amount is USD 1.25)

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100% pool bonus of First prize

50% pool bonus of Second prize

30% pool bonus of Three prizes

The corresponding proportion is allocated to the winners.

If there is no one who won the prize above, the progressive jackpot will accumulate the next draw.

Super Jackpot bonus is exclusive for individual.

Getting rich overnight is not a dream, a progressive jackpot are waiting for you!

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